Who We Are

Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. is a company specializing in providing high quality, reliable, and professional security services. Our dedication to the safety and security of our clients enables us to provide them with an ever improving service encompassing an array of the latest technology, and which is furthered by our extensive knowledge and expertise in the business.

We provide guidance through our services that have been operating for over 4 years across several nations. Our primary aim is to focus on our clients’ needs with the assurance that their well being is of our utmost priority.

Since 2019, we have been committed to offering our clients a bespoke service that ensures maximum security in all aspects throughout Africa, The Middle East, and Eastern Europe. We have also diversified our business to accommodate the Lebanese Market’s needs which was facilitated by our expert knowledge in the field and our fully experienced personnel who were all part of the military, and police force.

In December 2022, we established Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. (C.G.S.) to serve the Lebanese Market’s demands in the following sectors:


Armored vehicles

for the general public

Armored vehicles

convoy service




We are committed to be the most enviable security company that aims to instill its clients with a feeling of safety and security that is unrivaled in the region. We strive to do so by the ongoing improvement of the services provided. By investing in and developing our most important assets, our staff; we aim to achieve all our goals and exceed our clients’ expectations. Through our commitment to high standards, it is our vision to earn the trust of our clients by delivering first-class quality security services.


To deliver exceptional private security services that is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs

Build and maintain an alliance of trust and confidence between the parties for long term mutual benefit

Exercise total discretion with regard to our service ensuring our clients’ personal safety, assets, and reputation are rightfully protected

Guarantee a level of reliability assurance and professionalism that is unparalleled due to the manner in which our business operates

Continuously nurture a winning network of clients and suppliers to uphold the values of which we stand for

Seek client feedback and use it to improve performance and efficiency in order to be a fast moving, highly effective, and productive organization


Find answers to your burning questions about our renowned security services. Discover how Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. ensures your safety, unveils the extent of our expertise, and provides tailored solutions

How long does it take for the car to arrive once we place an order?

The car typically arrives within a time frame of 5 to 10 minutes once the order is placed.

Are we allowed to drive the vehicle?

No, driving the vehicle is not allowed. The vehicle comes with a dedicated driver at your service.

Can we rent the car on a daily basis?

Yes, you can rent the car for as long as you want. Please contact us for more information regarding the rental duration and any additional details you may require.

How much does it cost to ride in an armored vehicle?

To find out the cost of riding in an armored vehicle, We recommend downloading the app, where you'll be pleasantly surprised by the pricing options available.

Can anyone benefit from the service offered through the application?

Yes, anyone can benefit from the service offered through the application. However, if you are under 18 years old, you will need to obtain parental approval.

What regions does Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. provide security services to?

Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. provides security services in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Additionally, they have expanded their business to cater to the needs of the Lebanese market