What Is a Security Consultant?

A security consultant, also known as a security analyst, we pinpoint vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software programs and work toward solutions to strengthen them against hackers. The consultants’ role is a strong example of a highly specialized IT occupation.


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How long does it take for the car to arrive once we place an order?

The car typically arrives within a time frame of 5 to 10 minutes once the order is placed.

Are we allowed to drive the vehicle?

No, driving the vehicle is not allowed. The vehicle comes with a dedicated driver at your service.

Can we rent the car on a daily basis?

Yes, you can rent the car for as long as you want. Please contact us for more information regarding the rental duration and any additional details you may require.

How much does it cost to ride in an armored vehicle?

To find out the cost of riding in an armored vehicle, We recommend downloading the app, where you'll be pleasantly surprised by the pricing options available.

Can anyone benefit from the service offered through the application?

Yes, anyone can benefit from the service offered through the application. However, if you are under 18 years old, you will need to obtain parental approval.

What regions does Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. provide security services to?

Concierge Guard Services S.A.L. provides security services in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Additionally, they have expanded their business to cater to the needs of the Lebanese market